Guide to Zephyr Picture Pages

I have added this page to make the site a little easier to navigate and I have given a brief description of what each page contains.


Picture Page 1 -- Miscellaneous parts that have been accumulated, engine before assembly and carburetor are most notable on this page.

Picture Page 2 -- Differences between Zephyr Z7and Fairmont Futura taillights, engine in different stages of completion, and interior work progress.

Picture Page 3 -- Turbochargers after being rebuilt.

Picture Page 4 -- Engine in car, Mark VIII cooling fan, gauges, 75amp relay, fuel pressure regulator.

Picture Page 5 -- turbo oil fittings, weld flanges, Flowmaster Y pipe, T-bolt clamps.

Picture Page 6 -- D&D suspension components, MSD boost timing master, 2step, and RPM module selector.

Picture Page 7 -- Paint and Bodywork and new windshield.

Picture Page 8 -- Transmission, valve body, and fuel pump.

Picture Page 9 -- Car Painted.

Picture Page 10 -- D&D suspension install.

Picture Page 11 -- Fuel system progress, torque converter, grille & transmission cross member installed.

Picture Page 12 -- Completed transmission, servo apply piston, completed coil over setup.

Picture Page 14 -- EGT meter, transmission cooler, headers after firing car, SSM lift bars, MSD6BTM.

Picture Page 15 -- installed EGT meter, master cylinder, fuse block, steering woes, blow off valve.

Picture Page 16 -- Installed Flaming River rack and pinion, installed pro-matic 2 shifter and car shots outside.

Picture Page 17 -- Stereo, roll bar, sub frame connectors, installed southside arms, and rear sway bar.

Picture Page 18 -- Outside pictures of car, recent engine pictures

Picture Page 19 -- Intercooler!

Picture Page 20 -- Roll bar and sub frame connectors install

Picture Page 21 -- intercooler installed, SFI trans shield and flexplate, mufflers, CSU bonnet

Picture Page 22 -- Alternator re-mounted, weld els, input shaft, flexible dipstick

Picture Page 23 -- SFI Motorsport balancer, driveshaft loop, turbo elbow cut and rewelded

Picture Page 24 -- Turbo headers

Picture Page 25 -- charge piping supplies, fuel filter, heat shield

Picture Page 26 -- auxiliary injector, 5 lug spindles, PBR calipers

Picture Page 27 -- Driver side turbo remounted

Picture Page 28 -- X pipe, Tailpipes, turbo discharge tubes, Supra CBVs

Picture Page 29 -- exhaust work, fuel pump bracket

Picture Page 30 -- brake line, completed fuel pump bracket

Picture Page 31 -- more gauges, upper rear control arms, built 8.8

Picture Page 32  -- proportioning valve, UPR lower arms, axle brace, fuel line route, Taylor battery box

Picture Page 33 -- new transmission lines, radiator, cutoff switch, completed charge pipes, door panels

Picture Page 34 -- completed exhaust, UPR bump steer kit, installed bypass valves

Picture Page 35 -- new drag front runners, car alignment, BURNOUT MARKS!  :)

Picture Page 36 -- wild rides upper/lower control arms, twisted wedge heads, roller rockers, mls head gaskets

Picture Page 37 -- Breathers, Aluminum radiator, hood scoop, EFI intake

Picture Page 38 -- EFI install

Picture Page 39 -- Obstacles to overcome, fiberglass bumper

Picture Page 40 -- damaged turbo, engine build parts, stock gas tank with intank pumps

Picture Page 41 -- gas tank and filler, new engine parts, ring filing