Track Pictures!

b wheelsup

Nice burnout on the left back in the day in the old 72' fastback. On the right, traction you only see at Texas Raceway in Kennedale,Texas!

skeered?   victory!

Left: I think Cody was scared to stage against this car, thats a blown 6 second GT!

Right: Woohoo Cody whooped him! (well the guy really had some kind of problem 60 ft out but we'll take it)

nissan  1056

Left: Here's Cody making quick work of a Nissan pickup, "I think thats a little close there Cody! Nah must just be the angle I'm looking at it!

Right: Cody will have a cow when he sees I put this in this is what happens folks when you get too greedy off the line and dump the clutch too hard, 

excessive wheelspin, still won the race though!


Here's a great run for me a 7.92 @ over 85 mph this was through the air filter and mufflers, best ever is 7.91 with no filter or mufflers.

ss   922

Here's Cody against a real challenge a camaro ss, he didn't win but saved his best for the camaro running a 9.22, this was with the old motor with just a few bolt ons.

vw  979

Oh no! Is Cody gonna whipped by a rice burner?! In his defense the VW was juicin' it (re:nitrous) and we later found out that Cody's BBK throttle body

had a broke the throttle shaft and that wouldn't allow full throttle, and at times not even half, still won the race though!

Track Pictures May 2003

InconGT  thumbs down

Here's the Incon GT back at the track and now twin turbo powered and caught in digital clarity this time. Bald drag radials ruined the day as 

far as ET goes it only went a best of 8.25 :( but mph was still over 95! :) 

In the right pic Cody gives a thumbs down after another tire smoking pass down the 660 (still pic with camcorder).

Track Pictures 2011

dallas raceway   Dallas Raceway2

Dallas Raceway pictures

northstar dragway   Northstar Dragway

Pictures at Northstar Dragway in Denton courtesy of

July 2015


Photos courtesy Chris Graves of MaxCackle @ Northstar Dragway

May 2018


Tuning at the Texas Motorplex May 18'

October 2018 and May 2019

tulsa  ttzdenton

On the left warming the slicks at Tulsa Raceway Park late 2018 courtesy of Red's Drag Racing Photos. On the right taking on a newer Mustang at North Star Dragway May 2019 courtesy of KBPhotography.

Hot Rod Drag Week 2023!

bristol  Tenn

Thunder Valley - Bristol, Tennessee


Carolina Dragway - Aiken, South Carolina


Rockingham Dragway - Rockingham, North Carolina

Testing 2024


Thunder Valley Raceway Park Noble, Oklahoma


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