Here are some links that I visit.... 

Personal sites if you check out any of these sites look at Mike Sitar's, a wealth of info that is fully documented. He also offers some much needed parts for the direct injected crowd. My youtube channel

Car Clubs & Informative sites website for the best internet car program there is, all kinds of shenanagins here featuring former editors of Hot Rod magazine online web magazine dedicated to all Fords with worldwide members Mustang club in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area  turbo website with nationwide members, renamed "the turbo forums"   good forum and auction block for parts similar to above

Racing links National Hot Rod Association International Hot Rod Association NHRA 1/4 mile race facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area
1/8 mile race facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area

Parts Vendors high performance retailer high performance retailer Megasquirt EFI parts and services