"The Chuckwagon"
84' LTD Station Wagon


Bam! New Project car!!

First thing to do was yank the old 3.8L V6 out!


Extra 5.0 engine I've had sitting around for a while, time for it to find a home and get some use.


Engine dropped in and looks right at home.

Stance with Engine in looks pretty good, nice and sleepy.

I added and trimmed a Mustang cold air intake to fit the LTD, cheapest one I could find on ebay!


Got the ol 10 hole wheels on the wagon, way better than those old 14inch steelies and hubcaps.

passside10s   tint

I tinted the rear window, I am by no means an expert but its looks ok from 50ft.


Converted the engine over to mass air and added an explorer intake and 70mm throttle body

gagpod foxbdys

Adding gauges where the ashtray used to be and its looking like a fox body hangout.

gauges   nitrous
Finished my gauges install where the ashtray used to be and have now got the nitrous bottle mounted.

Transmission is going to be a 4R70W, and the controller has arrived from USshift.com.

whdr   whdr2

Got some new BBK headers for the wagon, fit great.

list  crpt

With the Corona virus eatin us up I decided to do a little social distancing and get some wagon work done! At the time of this writing I have everything marked off the list except two things (and that will get done shortly). I planned on cleaning the old carpet but it was trying to fall apart on me so I ordered up some new stuff.

3bar  rad
I have added some 3 bar GT-40 heads with a spring upgrade and mild porting held in place with ARP head bolts. I also added a much better fitting electric fan and sealed it to the radiator, so far it's working great!

trns  ds
I finally got the 4R70W transmission installed, it required a Stifflers trans crossmember, a small spacer for the dipstick to sit correctly and some custom made cooler lines. The pic on the left is during install and not the finished product, I would never leave the wires exposed like that. I ended up mounting the USshift transmission controller in the glovebox, it all works great and I am very happy with it.

Big score here, a local guy upgraded his 5.0 Mustang suspension and I got all the takeoffs for $100. Unfortunately not everything I got is pictured as I couldn't wait to get some of it installed. I look forward to the better braking and handling provided with this cheap upgrade.   


x  xx

Major happenings here today, the Chuckwagon is getting a Holley Terminator X EFI system!

xxx  back

Holley Terminator X EFI is up and running! I took the wagon in and got the state inspection done so all I need now is license plates and its legal!

Painted the headlight buckets gloss black.
Got the thing all legal with plates and I've been driving it often back and forth to work tuning on it as I go, progress is being made on cold starts, driveability, and power.

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